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Friday, January 28, 2011

When Pain Meets The Titanic

If you read no other post can I suggest that you read this one.  That Lori is an incredibly inspiring and brave woman is without question but this post is so raw that it is confronting in its honesty from a survivors point of view.  Lori is uniquely balanced in that she has danced both sides of the fence.

We as a society are conditioned to suppress our true emotions, we touch upon issues but we don't really lay it bare because we are so concerned with everyone around us.  Selflessness is to be prized but at what cost?  Why are we afraid to admit that our pain is bigger than us.  Is it the remnants of the "stiff upper lip" a throwback to our empiric past or is it a survival of the fittest mechanism?

There are some life events that fundamentally change who we are, hopefully we learn to live with the changes and can take the steps towards a fresh start but with any wounds comes scar tissue.  You can try and excise the scar but what do you leave in its place?

Until we as a community embrace pain as a consequence of life and allow the free expression of this pain then I fear that sadly Loris' story will not be isolated but one of  a chorus.

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