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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have Compass Now to Find a Centred Place

When I first began to blog I decided that I wanted to blog about my headspace and journey towards fitness and balance.  I haven't blogged too much about my life or family because for some reason when I started I was labouring under a self imposed separation.  Funnily enough my day to day life is interwined in this journey so how can I possibly separate them. *insert smack up the side of the head here - Idiot*

Last year when the proverbial hit I did what any Mummy did, I put myself last, all my energies went into my youngest who had a real rollercoaster year.

At this stage we are still a little way from a formal Dx but the current label is Aspergers with ADHD traits and anxiety driven OCD.  Lots of yummy letters right???

So for the last 6 months I've been working with our prospective school, our new GP, our new Paed and a Psychologist to a) Prepare him for the start of Kindergarten or b) Find out that he wasn't ready for Kindergarten and what we needed to do to help him.

After kissing a few frogs we've found a great team of healthcare professionals who are the right fit for us and the Little Man will be starting school with his twin sister come February 1.

A lot of negative press is given to the state of our public school system but we've been fortunate to be living around the corner from a school filled with amazing teachers and support staff who are not only exceptionally skilled but also invested in their school community.  They are inclusive in their approach and respectful of our needs as a family.  I'm really looking forward to hopefully contributing to this amazing community.

But by the time the end of last year I was done, spent emotionally, professionally and physically.  I took a month off work we packed up the car and took off camping for a week.

Stripping life bare and just enjoying each day as it came is amazingly restorative.  The biggest decision we made was which beach we'd swim at that day and what we'd have for dinner.

The one thing this did illuminate is solidify my desire to change my life, to make choices that are good for me, not because I have to, but because I want to.

I found the wagon and I didn't just jump back on it.  I'M DRIVING IT.

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