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Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Lessons Are Harder Than Others

I have quite a few posts coming, my head and heart are overflowing right now but I'll try and pace myself, lest I make your poor eyes bleed.

2011 has been a real bitch of a year so far.  Obviously she thought we'd had it a bit easy so she decided to test our mettle.  Well guess what???  We are made of pretty strong stuff.  You can bend our spirit, darken our hearts but you can't break us.  When the shit hits the fan all these individual entities stretch their wings and join together to become one kick arse mother and do whatever  it takes to get through the day.  My thoughts are with Lori on the loss of her beloved Tony and to those affected by the floods I hope that you find the strength to rebuild and move forward.

Before I began blogging, before I even dared, I stumbled across a blog that reached into my heart and spoke to me.  For a long time I lurked and drank the energy that came through the screen and I grew brave.  I realised that I had to make my future and the blogger that led me here was Lulu from Unperfect Life

Now as you are sadly learning Lulu has left us, I do not know the details and ultimately the details pale into insignificance, what I do realise is that my sadness has overshadowed the lesson that I need to take from "knowing" her and that is that life, however 'unperfect, is for embracing, grabbing it by the neck, giving it a shot of tequila, knocking it back and saying Fuck It let's have another.  I always thought that one day I'd get to meet her and have that tequila.  Sadly that's not to be.

Lulu this one's for you - Cheers

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Langdowns said...

That's a beautiful post. Such a nice tribute to your bloggy friend.