When Fat is A State of Mind

Monday, November 22, 2010

Putting a Value on Your Life

Isn't it funny as children we place ourselves at the centre of the universe and as we grow we move our orbit further and further from the sun.  Particularly once we become Mothers that elusive Me time becomes a mere idea perpetuated by those well meaning articles in womens magazines - you know the ones that feature 10 sure fire ways to put the spark back in your marriage, 12 great homemade christmas gifts and 8 great ways to earn money from home.

When do we learn to settle?  I'm trying to think back to a time when I stopped dreaming, stopped believing that I was capable of anything, worth everything and dreams were but mere desires waiting in the wings of my mind.

I can't continue to sabotage myself if I value myself.  How could I abuse something so precious?  Wantonly destroy the beauty that I possess.

After all my physical being is but merely a reflection of how I see myself.  I don't know exactly when I looked in the mirror and felt that self loathing but now I know I didn't hate what I saw, not really, I hated the fact that I no longer dreamt.

Today I give voice to my soul and she sings softly for now but with a purity that cannot be silenced.

Give yourself permission to love, start with the person you neglect the most - yourself.

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Mrs Woog said...

Girl........You write good and always make me think. Hard. Keep writing please. You are a rarity out here. Xox