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Monday, November 22, 2010


For the last few days I've been trying to write Part 2 of Playing the Odds and really battling a major block.  I mean it's a birth story, it writes itself doesn't it?  Then it occurred to me why I couldn't write it - I was writing it for the wrong reason.

I've been so hung up on the diagnosis process and the label that I've felt the need for people to understand what is so amazing about my guy and why he is more than what the world labels him and for that I do his a grave disservice because that is merely my ego not my pride as a parent.

But that's not my job, his is not my story to tell for I'm am merely appearing in a supporting role.  My job is to give him what he needs so that if and when he is ready he can tell his story for who better to understand and interpret the experience.

For now I need to mix the palette of colours so that he is free to paint rainbows.

One day I will finish his birth story but for the right reasons.

Acceptance isn't easy it requires courage and strength of conviction.  More importantly it requires belief.

I don't need to justify who he is because the exciting thing isn't who he is but who he will become.

This I truly believe.

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Loz said...

Acceptance of who and what we are must come first from our own selves. Stories can't be forced, they unfold at their own pace. The time will come when it is right