When Fat is A State of Mind

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Subtle Shift

I'm at the beginning of a long and winding road yet the things that are happening fill me with hope.  It's almost as if my nerve endings are singing. 

Perhaps blogging has brought it into plain sight but I find myself questioning food choices, exercise - incidental and otherwise, self care and clothing choices.

In some unusual way since I've begun to regain control and I've begun to care about me again.  Now don't read this as I'm under control and it's all butterflies and kittens but for the first time in years I actually feel like I can make choices I can live with.  The compulsion is still there and the sense of self loathing still lurks in the backround but I can look in the mirror honestly and look forward rather than looking for something to smash the mirror.

I'm thinking I should just change my name to Scarlett because "After all tomorrow is another day"


Lucy said...

A subtle shift, but a huge and vital one.

MultipleMum said...

What a wonderful moment of hope I have stumbled on here!

I am just stopping by after your comment on my guest post at Maxabella loves and couldn't help but say 'go you!'.

It sounds like you are on the right track. I am on the weight loss journey too and it is really hard (and boring!) but I rate that you are dealing with the emotional stuff.

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Good for you. That is so nice to read. Keep with it and stay positive. Tomorrow is most certainly another day! Mich x