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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is My Family the "new" Frangipani????

I have so much to share about my first session with the program but I really need to have the time to be able to convey it all but rest assured it's all good.  As I was shuttling the brood around to appointments etc I came across my new pet hate.  I'm talking about the "My Family" stickers that are now stealthily infiltrating the back window of cars everywhere.  It's like bindis in your lawn one sneaks through and before you know it you're doing the Lindy Hop all over the backyard.

I'm just not sure whether it is just an annoyance or is it an underground campaign to reduce the number of children being abandoned in carparks.  Is it a checklist for forgetful parents so that they take home everyone they bring?  You could line everyone up at the back of the car and have an illustrated checklist.  You know how it goes.... #1 son - check, # 2 son - check, #1 daughter - check, Grandma - check, dog - check .......   I've done a bit of research and there are all types of configurations of "family" although I couldn't see the Mum with a bottle of Mothers Little Helpers in her tracky daks and fluffy slippers but I'm sure it's on the way. This leads us to the next question - if you do need an illustration of your family on the back of your car do you go with earnest and portrait like or caricature it and just take the piss?  Where do you draw the line, if your family is like mine, Brady Bunch on crack, do you add exes with whom you share children, what about their new partners and children, honestly I'd need a bigger car!

When you think about it why stop with the family you could start getting singles to illustrate their preferences on the back windows, you know little icons for moonlit beach walks or maybe some colour coding to make it easier, why we could have RSVP on wheels.  Who needs alcohol, speed and fatigue to contribute to the road toll when these little gems are everywhere.

Bring back the frangipanis I say


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh, I've never seen those - but am sure to see them everywhere now! I have a deep loathing for any form of stickers on a car, mine has the bare minimum - a rego sticker, and that little one that tells you when it needs to be serviced - if i could get away without those I would...

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Lol, not sure these stickers have made it over here yet. Either that or I am going round with my eyes shut! Whatever I won't be getting one. I have so many friends with 'twins on board' stticker things and I just think WHY?

Mich x

Read said...

I totally agree! They are the new "baby on board" stickers. You know, the ones that clued you into the fact that there was a baby in the car, and thank God they let you know because otherwise you were definitely going to ram their car from the side.

Sometimes I do think people include all the people who might possibly be in their car due to some potentially loose familial connection as occasionally I will see way more "people" stickers than there could possibly be seats. Oh well, people are odd.

Kirsty said...


I left a comment back a while ago wanting some information about your program. Can I email you directly with some questions? My email is butterflykissesdesigns@gmail.com