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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Kind Of Wonderful

My life is a little like The Brady Bunch on crack, the whole his, mine, ours vibe.  Now the his and mine are a lot older than ours so it's an interesting dynamic.

By the time I met Himself his daughter was already an adult so we've always had a friendship rather than parental relationship.  She already has a mother, who is now part of our extended family, she doesn't need another.  All in all she's a pretty special woman and a fantastic big sister to Miss COTU and the Pocket Rocket but this weekend she joined another club when she became a mother for the first time.

We welcome a beautiful little boy into our family.  There is something life affirming about the birth of a baby.  When you gaze at them both helpless and innocent.  The possibilities are endless, the responsibility huge yet one accepted willingly.  As his family we embrace his life and all the gifts that we can bestow upon him and that we will receive from him as he grows and learns.

As Miss COTU so eloquently put it "he's amazing isn't he?"  Yes my darling he certainly is all that and more.

Welcome to the world Nathaniel the world is definitely a much richer place with you in it.  To B & J congratulations on the biggest base jump without a parachute - also known as Parenthood.  I have every faith that with you both being such beautiful people you will tackle parenthood with that same spirit.

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