When Fat is A State of Mind

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hidden Peril

(Disclaimer: This post will not reference, magical lolly fountain, personalised gift bags or themed splendour)

Apologies for my silence but this weekend was a biggie - the dreaded childrens birthday party.  Now over the years I've hosted more than my fair share of birthday parties, in fact I'm sure that my alcohol intake rose sharply in 1999 due to a memorable 5th birthday party, anyway I digress.  So this weekend we had another birthday party and fact # 1 is that we don't do party food for the children, why bother - they don't eat it anyway.  We do party food for the other parents, all that competitve motherhood rolled up into one neat little parcel.  The downside of party food is that because the kids don't eat it means mountains of leftover and more parental grazing than the savannahs of Africa.

Having a defective craft gene means that anything artistic or craft is totally beyond me.  My idea of colour co-ordination is having bra & knickers from the same general direction on the colour wheel.  I decided that for the party simple was best and presented less likelyhood of total party failure so we had the usual fair with a slight twist, I also served a healthy options menu for the parents.  We had fruit platters which funnily enough the kids devoured before the high octane stuff and options that were filling without a calorie count equal to the national debt. 

For me it wasn't about prohibition it was about portion control and I have to say that it was a HUUUUUUGE A++++ for me.  Yep you read it right I passed.  In keeping with the honesty of this blog I will tell you that I ate a little of most things but the key word here is little.  What leftovers there were haven't been binge eaten and I think I only managed about 3 mouthfuls of cake before I was distracted and the cake moment past.

Then I backed it up last night with a voluntary salad.   Seriously I'm starting to scare myself..........................
and I like it :)

I think in the early stages of this change it's all about the planning.  With every plan there is less room to lie to yourself and make excuses.

So here's to a week with a plan.


life in a pink fibro said...

I completely relate on the defective craft gene. Mine is AWFUL. Well done on that voluntary salad. A voluntary salad gets HUGE brownie points.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's all about the planning. Oddly enough when my daughter had her party recently I had no craving or interest in the cakes and lollies at all. They used to be such a minefield for me in the past. Therapy rocks!

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Planning makes a massive difference. Often I will have a whole week plan and then I also log what I eat and my feelings/ emotions that day and I can see patterns etc - it is long-winded but so helpful.

Once I start to abstain from the crap food I always find that my taste buds really heighten and I start to enjoy more natural and wholesome food more.

Well done on a good day for you.
Mich x

Mrs Woog said...

I try to abide by the no processed rule, but just ate a Simmone Logue pie which was simply awesome. And it claimed to be Organic - but I know organic does not meet low fat.