When Fat is A State of Mind

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Essence of Happiness

Something the very wise Seraphim blogged today got me thinking.  Do we fall into the habit of unhappiness.  Is it easier to focus on the struggles than celebrate ourselves.

When I think back to my childhood I was blessed to have a joyful childhood.  It was carefree and allowed me to dream and believe and laugh with pure happiness.  Each day was an adventure.

How is it that as we grow we lose that joy.  We forget to embrace the little things that bring happiness.  We invest so much of ourselves in others, we becomes wives, partners, mothers, daughters, employees, we divide our inner self into so many different pieces that we lose our identity and without that core we become rudderless living to serve our many masters.

I believe that to break the cycle of addiction I need to be able to have those moments of joy.  To be a little selfish and instead of trying to use food to nourish my soul I need to find that passion that will provide the nourishment that I seek through food.

As a child I sang in a choir and a few times a year we used to go to the local Retirement Village and sing for them.  I vividly remember the faces of those men and women and the pleasure that we gave them just by taking the time to be there, present in their lives.  Singing allows me to give my emotions a voice.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to make a phone call and I'm going to give my inner self a voice again.

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Michelle Twin Mum said...

Hey Michele, I got an email that you comented on my blog but it has never appeared on my blog. Blogger is doing some strange things at the moment. Thanks for stopping by.

I also love to sing and it gives me joy. I do this at Church each week and am considering joining a choir. We seem to have alot of similarities - perhaps we were separated at birth and you got the hot country and I got the wet one!

Seekign yoru solace or enjoyment elsewhere other than the food is really important. Keep going you sound as if you are doign so well.

Mich x