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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When Christmas is Over

I have to begin by stating that I love the Christmas holidays.  By nature I'm a giver.  I love choosing gifts that will reflect the recipient, the anticipation of how they will view said gift, the detail that goes into the presentation, putting up the Christmas Tree, singing Christsmas Carols, rumballs but as I grow older Christmas makes me sadder.

Why do we only go to this much trouble once a year.  Why do we feel compelled to acknowlege people that aren't present in our lives on a regular basis, we gorge ourselves at our tables yet everywhere around us there is loneliness, hunger and emptiness.  I truly love the spirit of generosity that colours the atmosphere at this time of year but why do we stop there?

This year I'm not sending Christmas cards, doing Christmas baking or buying gifts for people that I feel obligated to, this year I'm giving to someone who is worth more than an empty gesture made through duty.  I am truly blessed in my life, I have a roof over my head, ample food on my table, my bills are paid, I am employed and most importantly I am loved.

My Christmas Gift is an education, an opportunity for a child to fulfill their potential and a chance to break a cycle that is so easy to fall into but almost impossible to break alone.

My goal between now and next Christmas is to live each month as if it were Christmas, true Christmas not the Retailers Association construct.  To surround myself and invest myself in people who enrich me and who in turn I can contribute.  To give without expectation of reward or praise.  To treat people with compassion and respect and to enjoy every day for what it is and turn them into what they can be.


Mrs Woog said...

Love it xo Off to spread it on twitter. You are a wonderful soul you know. Love Mrs Woog

Loz said...

And I wish you all the best in your endeavours. But the celebration of Christmas once a year serves as a reminder to me of how good that time is.