When Fat is A State of Mind

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Wide Is The Gap?

It is said that reality is simply a matter of perception.  One of the things I struggle greatly with is how I view myself and in comparison how others view me.  I would imagine by now you've got the idea of where I might rank myself when it comes to value as a human being but I am challenged when others see good in me.  To be brutally honest if someone pays me a compliment in my head that little voice is telling me that they don't mean it that they are just taking pity on me and trying to make me feel better.

Compliments make me uncomfortable, acknowlegement of my achievements make me want to run and hide but I'm learning that when people compliment me, I will smile and say thank you and take it for what it is, an acknowlegement of someone elses' vision of me.

How do you see yourself?  Does it differ greatly from the way the world sees you?  How do you bridge that gap?


Mrs Woog said...

A girlfriend of mine taught me how to accept a compliment. It is a good lesson to learn. I am sure people see me differently than I see myself....

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

My parents always said that a compliment is a gift, to turn it down, undermine it or not give an appropriate response {like the Thank You you mention} is the like throwing a gift back in someones face.

I try to remember that.

And to ignore the little voice that can be a dick, lets face it.