When Fat is A State of Mind

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Everything's the same, Nothing stays the same.

It's been a very long time since I've blogged.  In fact I stopped blogging because it was leading me into a headspace that was very unhealthy for me.  I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be blogging anymore but recent events have seen the words just percolating inside my head and the urge to get them out of my head is overwhelming so here I am back in my little space be it ever so humble.

I do want to say up front what I will write are my thoughts that are relevant to my situation.  Please feel free to disagree and even debate with me but try not to take offence because they aren't a judgement of your situation they are simply my thoughts and experiences.

So since the death of Robin Williams my Facebook has been overloaded with a plethora of variations of R U OK?  Let's talk about mental illness, there is no shame in mental illness.  All very valid in their isolation but as part of the big picture frustrates the hell out of me.  The one trigger for me was the talk of the cowardice of suicide and the pain left behind.

I have been personally touched by suicide and suicide like any other unexpected/unexplained death causes pain to those left behind but I always tend to think of the pain that the person committing suicide was suffering.  The absolute absence of light that cause them to seek their self termination.

There is a large push for the legalisation of Euthanasia and in other parts of the world it is in fact legal.  Now it is acceptable if you are suffering from a terminal physical illness that you should be allowed to die with dignity and choose your time of death yet if someone who is suffering a mental illness is to do the same it is condemned, lamented and generally met with anger & feelings of betrayal.

I don't believe that any one person should have the determination of another humans right to die.  Who am I to dictate that another living being should have to endure a daily struggle through their own mental pain to satisfy my need for the status quo.  My need for them to be in my life.

Am I saddened by the passing of Robin Williams death?  Deeply, as an admirer of his talent I lament the loss of a personality that radiated beyond the space he inhabited.  We are left a legacy of his body of work that stretches through several different branches of the arts.  We can continue to hold that close but for the man beneath that projection I wish him peace.

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